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Joey Faust was born in Columbia, SC., and enjoyed living in Blythewood, a rural area (especially back then). Later, he went to school in Irmo, S.C. At about age 13, he had some great experiences working his summers as an equestrian counselor at the YMCA. At age 16, he moved to Dallas-Fort Worth and became a full-time guitar instructor. At age 23, he became a serious Christian and left the rowdy life of playing in rock bands, etc., thankful to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Before long, he was called to be a pastor. He now lives in rural Missouri (the Ozarks), where he pastors Long Run Baptist Church, and is working to build a youth camp. He enjoys horses and playing music with his precious children. He has dedicated his life to studying the Bible, researching, writing, and preaching/teaching. Another main interest is natural health (especially from a Biblical perspective).  

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